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Advantages of Standard-based Gradebooks

Traditional gradebooks are very useful when it comes to showing the performance of students on all their individual assignments. This information is normally very useful to students and teachers. This is because they are able to understand their weaknesses and strengths. In this case, they accomplish this by looking at the grades they attained for that period. The problem with these gradebooks is that they don’t show all the reasons why a student may be performing poorly on certain assignments. This is why the standard-based grading was introduced. A well-designed standard gradebook will provide insight on the standards and the skills a student is doing good at and the ones they are struggling with.

One of the main advantages of standard-based gradebooks is that they tag assignments with standards. When assigning work, teachers are able to easily attach particular core, state and custom standards. These standards are attached to resources, lessons, and assessments. When a student completes a specific activity, it is tagged with a standard. The activity is then graded. This ensures that the performance of the particular student can be automatically tracked in the standards gradebook.

Another advantage of standard-based gradebooks is that they help you vie the mastery of students. There is a gradebook that has been created specifically for standards. This means once the activities have been tagged with standards and completed by the students, the information is entered in this particular gradebook. In the gradebook, the teacher can see how many times the standard has been measured. The information also shows how the student has performed each and every time. This helps the teacher in coming up with ways he can help his students improve their performance. Be sure to read more now!

Another advantage of standard-based gradebooks is that they help in identifying and acting on all learning gaps. Increase of assessments being linked with standards makes it easy for teachers. This is because they are able to visualize and understand the growth of all their students. In this case, the teachers are able to understand the specific strengths and weaknesses of these students. These students then become determined. You might want to check this website at for more info about education.

They find opportunities to learn and be authentic. This makes differentiation very possible, and this makes it easy for teachers to identify any learning gaps. Standard-based grading helps in improving achievement. Measuring the learning of students always ensures that you understand how effective the instructions used by the teacher are. Know more about Standard-based Gradebooks here!

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